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Where will we go next?

Welcome to Sailing Zoe, a journey of two novice sailors looking to find purpose, passion, and adventure. Pack your bags, hit the salty seas and try not to forget to write down all of your amazing stories!


About us

Keeping one’s self going is a difficult thing to do. There are a million distractions that occur every day and that can mean that we do not stay on track with what we should be doing. Self-motivation is something that does not come easy to a lot of people and that means that there are some steps that need to be taken before you can become motivated to the fullest extent.

Of course, there are some other matters that first need to be taken care of. If there are a lot of distractions that keep you from doing what you need to be doing then you need to make some changes. This is really the first step towards becoming self-motivated in any form.

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