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About Us


Our names are Katie and Cody. We have a story we’d like to share and a journey we want you to come along on. If you don’t know us or haven’t already heard, we have chosen to embrace an alternate type of lifestyle; Leaving land and our lives as we know it and embarking on a journey to travel the world via sailboat. SAY WHAT?!?

This all started when we decided to go sailing one day with one of Cody’s friends who owned a 19ft Hobie Cat. A Hobie Cat is a double hulled sailboat that has one trampoline across the top and no cabin. It’s basically just an amazingly built platform with a mast and sail, made to shoot you through the waves via Mother Nature’s wind. WOW did it feel amazing to move from one point to the next, right on top of the water, with no engine or fuel. We were purely using the earths elements to move our bodies on this object and were immediately hooked. We signed up for sailing classes the very next day.
We then started immersing ourselves into the sailing community and saw the concept of world travel by sailboat on YouTube via some of the sailing greats like SVDELOS. We immediately thought, “Hey, maybe we can actually do this too”. We both have always had a desire for international travel and being near the water, so naturally we were drawn to the thought of living on a sailboat and traveling the world. At first, this just sounded like a dream that would never really come true. We were both 27 at the time, had well established careers and businesses that we had created, and had a great circle of friends and family very close by. Why would we want to give that up?
It’s now October, 2018. We are both 30 years old and have spent the last 2 years prepping to go on this adventure. We will share all the steps that it took us to get to this point, but for now, we are just excited to say that IT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING. Please join us on this journey and share your thoughts and questions with us along the way!
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Katie Nolet

Hi Y'all! I was born in Northern California and grew up in Danville until I was 11. I moved to Texas in 6th grade and met my husband Cody (the guy on the right) right after graduating college! I was in the dental industry for 2 years and then sold specialty medical devices for 6 years. I started my own business during all of this and still manage it remotely while on the boat! I love being on the water and in nature, so natural

Cody Heath

Houston, Texas native, born and raised! I dropped out of college in my senior year (yes, I know - crazy) to pursue my own marketing business, which I still run today from the boat. I have a thirst for exploration and adventure, which is what ultimately led me to think of this idea to go sailing and convince Katie that it was a good one (it worked). I've basically become a mechanic, plumber, electrician, and all things boat-repair since leaving, but hey, that gets us to amazing islands and takes us on adventures.